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  • Algotrade | Quantify the Random Walk

    Home --% Derivatives market ​share last 250 days -- VN30F contracts traded last 20 days -- Shares traded last 20 days --% Average annual return Algorithmic Trading Here. Now. 50% of global market volume is traded by algos! Your Turn 100% Automation Completely automated decision-making trading strategy by taking advantage of cutting-edge technology Auto-update Quotes per 0.5 second Auto-generate Buy/Sell Signals Auto-execute Orders Accordingly Auto-report trading status in real time Lightning Speed 3 seconds ahead on orders execution before tick data observed in stock screener Low latency tick-by-tick data stream Optimized trading-server location Integrated High Frequency Trading solution Ultra-fast order execution, in less than 60ms Scalability Unlimited scale on investment capital and multi-asset class support for all equity markets available Configurable Trading Execution Algorithms Built-in Neutral Market Strategies Comprehensive pre-trade risk checks No upper limit on investment size Our Live Run Algos Real-time trading algorithms on Vietnam's underlying stock and derivatives markets. A detailed statistical profile of both evaluation and real-time trading performance. Codename Start Date Performance since Last Expiration Date Performance since Inception Maximum ​Drawdown Genesis 01/07/2020 3.75% 156.31% -12.48% Genesis 01/07/2020 3.75% 156.31% -12.48% Genesis 01/07/2020 3.75% 156.31% -12.48% Build Your Own Algos Road map for the trader who wants to transform a trading idea into a tested, verified, properly capitalized, and profitable automated trading strategy.​ How to formulate, backtest, and evaluate a trading strategy How to properly optimize a trading strategy Practice of algorithmic trading in the Vietnam stock market Explore now

  • Career | Algotrade

    ​ CAREER The fastest way to become an Algotrader Senior Software Engineer, Full-stack Java/Python Developer You have a passion for software development. You love working with others to build wonderful things and solve problems. You are not afraid to engage in technical chats and once you form an opinion, you can change your mind if the facts support it. You do not mind digging throughgh code, looking at logs, or having a few chats to find out why something was designed the way it was. You remember what it is like to feel over your head sometimes and you ensure you check in on more junior developers to help them overcome technical challenges and become strong contributors. The Role Solve bugs in a robust manner by reading code and documentation to inform your solution; Collaborate on ideas and help the team build shared knowledge before and during new feature builds; Actively learn and share knowledge about changes and improvements in languages, frameworks, and systems; Work across codebases and continually learn. Experience 5+ years software development experience with at least 3 years working in a software development team; Know common design patterns and can apply these pragmatically by evaluating risks, rewards, and tradeoffs; Be proficient in Java/Python; Experience developing RESTful Services; Test driven development. Advantageous Experience with DevOps and CI/CD would be highly regarded; Using development and build tools involving Docker; Expertise with Redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka, MySQL, Postgres. How to Apply Email your CV and cover letter regarding the qualifications above to to apply.

  • Internship | Algotrade

    Internship Program Next Generation of Algorithmic Traders Introduction The Algotrade Internship Program is designed to seek out talents with passion and potential in algorithmic trading career development. During the 5-month journey alongside Algotrade's experienced algorithmic traders, interns will gain in-depth knowledge, refine their skills, and accumulate practical experience in the process of designing trading strategies and building algorithmic trading systems customized for the Vietnamese stock market. Upon completion of the program, interns will possess a solid foundation in algorithmic trading and will have the opportunity to join Algotrade as official members. Internship Timeline Our program starts on 01/04/2024 with the following timeline: Internship Application Timeline Application Open 01/04/2024 – 15/05/2024 Candidate Selection 16/05/2024 – 31/05/2024 Internship Duration 01/06/2024 – 31/10/2024 Internship Qualifications ​Please choose the area that aligns best with your qualifications and interests to apply. ​Finance Minimum Qualifications Undergraduate students or university graduates majoring in Finance or Investment; Minimum of 2 years of trading experience in the Vietnamese stock market; Basic Python programming skills; Able to commit 20 hours a week in 5 months. Preferred Qualifications CFA certificate; Experience working as an equity research analyst or portfolio manager; Fluency in English; Actively engaged in algorithmic trading. Technology Minimum Qualifications Undergraduate students or university graduates majoring in Computer Science or Information Technology; Able to commit 20 hours a week in 5 months. Preferred Qualifications Fluency in English; Actively engaged in algorithmic trading. Incentive Package Receive internship allowance. Working space at headquarters. Additional benefits: “Algorithmic trading theory and practice: A practical guide with applications on the Vietnamese stock market" book published by Algotrade; Trained by experienced algorithmic traders; Participate in weekly and monthly company-wide events; Internship Certification/Thesis Completion/Research Assistance. How to Apply Please submit your CV, cover letter, and any relevant documents supporting your qualifications to .

  • Intel Center | Algotrade

    Algotrade Intel Center Measuring The Vietnam Stock Market's Heartbeat Foreign VN30F Accumulated Daily long volume Daily short volume Accumulated position Foreign Trade Value on VN30 Daily long value (billion VND) Daily short value Daily net value VN30F Settlement Price (Estimated) Market price Settlement price Chart will be shown on expiration date at 14:15 (VN time)

  • Lab | Algotrade

    Algotrade Lab The Dawn of an Algorithmic Trader Generation Introduction Algotrade Lab is a free service developed by ALGOTRADE to help investors have the opportunity to experience the reality of algorithmic trading in the Vietnamese stock market. After a few steps, you will experience the first trading algorithm operating on your stock account. You will understand how computers automatically make decisions and execute orders and sense the impressive speed advantage of an algorithmic trading system. Requirement It would be best if you had a derivatives account and had successfully activated the API service to get started. Registration ​Please sign up for the experience by filling the form below: First name Last name Email Phone number Submit Your registration has been successfully submitted!

  • About Us | Algotrade

    Our Team We believe in a world where everyone can achieve Financial Independence. We strive to realize that world through seamless Human-Machine Collaboration. Vo Duy Anh Co-Founder Oregon State University ​Master of Business Administration Wealth Management "Believing Financial Independence is the cornerstone of happiness." Nguyen An Dan Co-Founder Aalto University Master of Science Machine Learning and Data Mining "Abstraction and Automation toward the goal of seamless Human-Computer Collaboration."

  • Polaris | Algotrade

    Polaris Polaris VN-Index Performance since 01/01/2023 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% 01/2023 02/2023 03/2023 04/2023 05/2023 06/2023 -30% -20% -10% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 05/2021 08/2021 11/2021 02/2022 05/2022 08/2022 11/2022 02/2023 05/2023 Polaris VN-Index Performance since Inception ( 21/05/2021)

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