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The fastest way to become an Algotrader

Senior Software Engineer, Full-stack Java/Python Developer 

You have a passion for software development. You love working with others to build wonderful things and solve problems. You are not afraid to engage in technical chats and once you form an opinion, you can change your mind if the facts support it. You do not mind digging throughgh code, looking at logs, or having a few chats to find out why something was designed the way it was. You remember what it is like to feel over your head sometimes and you ensure you check in on more junior developers to help them overcome technical challenges and become strong contributors.

The Role

  • Solve bugs in a robust manner by reading code and documentation to inform your solution;

  • Collaborate on ideas and help the team build shared knowledge before and during new feature builds;

  • Actively learn and share knowledge about changes and improvements in languages, frameworks, and systems;

  • Work across codebases and continually learn.


  • 5+ years software development experience with at least 3 years working in a software development team;

  • Know common design patterns and can apply these pragmatically by evaluating risks, rewards, and tradeoffs;

  • Be proficient in Java/Python;

  • Experience developing RESTful Services;

  • Test driven development.


  • Experience with DevOps and CI/CD would be highly regarded;

  • Using development and build tools involving Docker;

  • Expertise with Redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka, MySQL, Postgres.

How to Apply

Email your CV and cover letter regarding the qualifications above to to apply.

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